US Army Rings Buying guide for 2022 | Custom Rings Design

US Army Rings Buying guide for 2022 | Custom Rings Design

The military is a place where brotherhood and lifelong friendships are celebrated and encouraged. If you are passionate about your military service and want to commemorate the time you shared with your brothers in arms, mementos can be a great way to cherish those memories. Buying your buddies a set of matching US Army rings at the end of your service can be a great parting gift, helping to solidify the bond you have created together over the years.

Different Types of Military Jewelry

US army jewelry comes in many different colors and forms, and they can be a classic addition to your daily attire if you wear them well. Those looking to buy custom military rings need look no further, because our collection of high-quality US army rings come in gold and silver both. With white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and vermeil options, these rings can be an incredibly versatile addition to the wardrobe of military personnel.

Us Army Rings can be Sterling Silver Too

When hunting for classic military rings, it is easy to get lost in the variety of choices, but there are some classics that remain timeless for every occasion. Sterling silver engraved military rings are always an incredible find as they showcase army emblems in a sophisticated, elegant way. These US Army rings can bear the insignia of any branch and they always look incredibly timeless.


Gold Military Rings Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Military signet rings are always a statement and can showcase your love and devotion to your profession. Those who are proud to wear their branch symbols can find multiple personalized rings in white and yellow gold as well. Buying gold military rings online might seem like a hassle for some, but with so many options to choose from, it is a quick and easy way of shopping for yourself and your fellow cadets. Delicate options for ladies, easily customizable stones and engravings make it easy to see why buying classic military rings in different colors of gold is such a great idea

The Best Course of Action? Create Your Own Personalized Rings!

Buying US army jewelry is always an investment and it is important to ensure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck when you are shopping. However, although there are so many designs and styles to choose from, you might not be able to find what you are looking for in time. At times, people simply do not like the US army rings they find on online stores and want something more unique.

In many cases, the smartest course of action is to create a personalized ring that is suited for each individual. To ensure that you select the most appropriate piece, it is important to choose a design that showcases your personality. Engraving your branch insignia and your initials on the inside or the side would help make the ring seem like a one of a kind piece. Since this is such a huge investment, however, it is important to ensure that the ring you buy is not simply a trendy piece and will be a timeless item of jewelry that you keep forever.


Steps To Select Your Personal Set of US Army Rings


1.      Metal Type

There are many different metals you can choose from when selecting your set of engraved military rings, and it depends upon the occasion and the individual you are shopping for. While sterling silver can be an incredibly fashionable option, both white and yellow gold can also be excellent options. The dark shade of vermeil is another great way to showcase your love of the military with an added formal touch which makes this type of metal perfectly suited for every occasion.

2.      Branch Insignia

It definitely wouldn’t be right to buy your comrades a set of US army rings without your branch emblem added onto the metal. When there are options of placing the emblems on both sides, this offers a great way for multiple officers to get similar rings that also have options for variety. Adding either a US flag or an eagle is another great way of personalizing military rings to showcase your own sense of personal style.

3.      Rank

Of course when shopping for military jewelry, it is always better to have a piece that will show your rank. While this can be a great way of letting people around you know of your status, it can also be an incredible way to show off your passion for the cause.

4.  Engraving

The engravings on a gold necklace or sterling silver bracelet are always extremely personal and unique, and US  army jewelry is no different. Having a set of engraved military rings with a certain person’s initials, a specific location, or even a family motto can turn a simple piece of military jewelry into a timeless heirloom that you will treasure over the years.

Personalized Rings Are the Perfect Present for Any Occasion

Those that are looking through different online stores and local retailers for United States army rings usually want rings that are both sophisticated and personalized. These rings can be a symbol or memory of your time in service and even be an empowering memento of incredible moments which shaped and changed your military career. At times, you might  want to buy military jewelry to honor a close friend so you can have something to remember them by. 

Customized US Army rings are an amazing gift for people whose spouses, siblings and close friends have spent time in the military. Gifts like these not only honor the service of these brave individuals but also celebrate their bravery and dedication to the cause. Our outlet takes care to ensure that  5% of our profits go directly to the US military, and we employ the services of American manufacturers to help local companies. These rings are made using high quality materials and have a refined, sophisticated feel that makes them timeless additions to any wardrobe.

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