Why are Hero's Outlet miltary rings inspired by US military services.

Why are Hero's Outlet miltary rings inspired by US military services.

The armed forces have a certain allure to them. Multitudes of men and women exhibit great mental strength and self-discipline off-duty and on the battlefield. They become an insignia of talent, comradeship, and of course cut-throat combat and survival skills, for their people back home. Naturally, this admiration inspires people to gather collectables associated with the army like keychains, watches, stickers, lapel pins, chains, and rings. While US army keychains or watches can be seen on most army enthusiasts and serving personnel alike, military rings are quite underrated. Nonetheless, they are more prominent and give off a strong military association subtly and gracefully.

  • US Military Rings, More than just a piece of Jewelry 

  Every ring gives off a message to the world which is either directly or is picked up subconsciously. Military rings symbolize the valor and honor of the armed forces. A ring goes with a variety of attires and is not restricted to ceremonies. That's why wearing a military ring can be a great way to show your affiliation with the US military, whether it is personal, professional, or both. We at Hero's outlet acknowledge that and aspire to provide the top-notch quality military service rings.

  • Serving or Retired, A Military Ring will Suit your Personality Better than anyone

  Whether you served in the navy, the marine corps, or the air force, wearing a military ring that represents your branch can catch the eye of everyone you meet while keeping this intention low-key. Unlike your unit's enamel pins or tie clips, a military service ring can be worn on informal occasions where there are more civilians than army personnel. People may not be familiar with the logo of "combat logistics battalion 15" but most people know a marine corp or navy seal logo when they see one.

  Not every soldier wears a military ring but if they do it can't be cheap or worse a fake. That would just kill the purpose and that's also why at hero's outlet we make sure each of our American-made rings is officially licensed. 

  • How would a US Army Ring Look on a Civilian?

   You don't get a bill for freedom because someone else paid it for you. Admiring the men and women of the armed forces and acknowledging the toil, sweat and blood they give to ensure the sovereignty of your country is a commendable quality in any civilian. Wearing a US Marine Corps ring doesn't make you look odd, it means you respect your soldiers. 

  • Low-key and Elegant

  Military caps, backpacks, DMS shoes, etc., are a bit too overrated and might come off as cliche if not worn properly. Besides, a gleaming emblem of the US marine corp embedded on a top-quality military ring would, metaphorically and literally, outshine some green p-cap with a sticker saying US army. 

Compact yet noticeable

  A military ring on one finger leaves plenty of room for other options to be worn on your hand or wrist. So if your white strap Longines watch doesn't go too well with your navy T-shirt, then a US navy ring is surely a better option. In general, a military ring will not interfere with your style or restrict your wardrobe, whether you're going for a casual outfit or a formal suit.

  • US Army Ring, A Great Gift Option

  If your 9y/o is a military enthusiast then getting the perfect birthday gift for him/her is no mystery to solve. However, if your loved one is serving in the army then toy soldiers won't do. Buying him/her a United states marine ring or a US air force ring would show you feel lucky to be a friend or the partner of a soldier. Also, you'd get to enjoy the look on their face when they see that you got them a US army ring instead of the usual watch or cufflinks like they expected. 

  Even if someone who's not in the military, but is a huge fan, then a US military ring as a gift will definitely make their day.

  • Hallmark 0.925 Sterling Silver

  Not only are our military rings certified by the US army itself but they are carved out of sterling silver. They are dazzling and highly durable. 0.925 silver is better than pure silver. It is soft and malleable; however, sterling silver has all of silver's beauty without its weaknesses. That is why it is utilized in high-end and high-quality jewelry and accessories.

  According to international standards, all sterling silver should be marked with a quality or fineness stamp, which clearly states the precious metal content of the jewelry. 0.925 is one of the internationally accepted sterling silver markers. Here's a short video on the key differences between sterling silver and pure silver.

  • Tarnishing  

  Does sterling silver tarnish? The simple answer is yes. While pure 99.9% silver never changes its color, sterling silver will always tarnish over time because of the metal it is mixed with. It usually becomes dark grey, brown, or even black when exposed to oxygen and skin oils. Fortunately, there are several preventative measures you can take to slow down this intrinsic process to make your ring last for years. The following are common prevention measures.

  1. It should be the first thing to take off before preparing for bed or going for a shower.
  2. Avoid using paper towels and tissues for cleaning gold-plated silver jewelry since they can scratch the jewelry and speed up tarnishing.
  3. Never spray perfume on this jewelry type, and always put it on after your skin absorbs lotion and cream. Plus, clean it regularly with a soft cloth to remove body oils and sweat accumulated on the jewelry surface throughout the day.
  • Where you Wear a Military Ring is Important

  The United States Military Academy class ring has traditionally been worn on the left hand, but most recent graduates choose to wear it on their right hand, which is likely in response to the dilemma posed by wearing both a US army ring and a wedding ring on the same finger.

In either case, the rule is, that if you're wearing a ring as an affiliation to a cause or organization, wear it on the index finger. If you're gonna buy a ring, wear it like a boss. Knowing the rules to wearing rings and finger symbolism can be a great way to express yourself.

  • To Sum Up

One of Murphy's laws of combat states," Never forget that your weapon is made of the lowest bidder." It perfectly symbolizes that everything that is associated with the army is not expensive but hard to earn which makes it. Wearing a military ring not only looks great with every attire but, also generates a powerful impact. that even if you forget it's on your finger someone is bound to remind you sooner or later by complimenting you or asking if you got enlisted. Most importantly it shows that you admire and respect your fellow countrymen and women in the armed forces, training, and fighting to safeguard your integrity and freedom. 

  On our website, you can purchase high-end US military rings forged by the hands of Americans and licensed by the United States armed forces. You can also check out other cool military accessories and souvenirs at Hero’s Outlet via the link given below.

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